Junior Main Street

The Hobart Jr. Main Street Program began in Hobart in 2003 with a membership of 16 students. Today, there are 104 students who have been involved in various community service projects throughout the year. Joy Wald is the sponsor from Hobart High School who works with the students on the projects in which they are involved. In 2008, the Hobart Jr. Main Program was recognized as the "Best Community Youth Involvement Program" at the Oklahoma Main Street Awards Banquet at the Cowboy Hall of Fame. The students add a valuable service to the community of Hobart and enjoy doing special things for the community.  The outstanding high school students, who are a part of the Jr. Main Street Program, learn about community involvement and city government that will prepare them for future opportunities to be involved in volunteer responsibilities where ever they live. 

The Hobart Jr. Main Street was presented the "Outstanding Youth Group Involvement Program" at the Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Banquet at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Tulsa on Monday evening, Nov. 24th 2008. The award was presented to the Hobart Jr. Main Street students for their involvement in the "Big Bang Day" projects for the last five years and for their willingness to devote their time to serving at numerous banquets throughout the year, their participation in the events that are held each year, and for their service to the Hobart community.
Recently, the Hobart Jr. Main Street Program was recognized as the top Volunteer Development Progams in the state of Oklahoma at the Oklahoma Main Street Awards Banquet at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City on May 5th.  They received this same award at the 2012 Oklahoma Main Street Banquet at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, Tuesday evening, April 24.  Congratulations to a wonderful group of young people.



City and County Phone List


MAYOR: Rick Hopson (580) 726-5437


Keith Gray (580) 726-3100

Jeff Allen (580) 726-3100

Robert John (580) 726-3496

Landon Wise (580)



Other City Officials

ATTORNEY: Tom Talley (580)726-2251

AUDITOR: Scott Northrip (580) 726-5681

CLERK: Ashley Slaughterback (580) 726-3100

FIRE CHIEF: Jerry Lankford (580) 726-5237

MANAGER: Jeff Casida (580) 726-4203

MUNICIPAL JUDGE: Marian Pfenning (580) 726-5141

PARK SUPT: Ron Langham (580) 471-3050

POLICE CHIEF: Rex Brown (580) 726-2128

SEWER SUPT: Joe Tipton (580) 726-2123

STREET SUPT: Ron Langham (580) 471-3050

TREASURER: Ashley Slaughterback (580) 726-310

WATER SUPT: Joe Tipton (580) 726-3123

BOARD OF ADJ. CHAIRPERSON: Jerry Fischer (580) 726-3100

HOUSING AUTHORITY: (580) 726-3121

LIBRARY: (580) 736-2536

A1RPORT: (580) 726-9032

SENIOR CENTER: (580) 726-2121

SWIMMING POOL: (580) 726-6172

Kiowa County

AMBULANCE: (580) 726-2908

ASSESSOR: (580) 726-2150


DISTRIC JUDGE: (580) 726-2340

CIVIL DEFENSE: (580) 726-2629

COMMISSIONER: (580) 726-3377

COUNTY CLERK (580) 726-5286

COURT CLERK: (580) 726-5125

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: (580) 726-3335

ELECTION BOARD: (580) 726-2509

HEALTH DEPARTMENT: (580) 726-3316

COUNTY JAIL: (580) 726-3285

SHERIFF:  Bill Lancaster (580) 726-3265

TREASURER:  Deanna Miller (580) 726-2362



At the foothills of the Quartz Mountains you will find the beautiful city of Hobart.

Take Hwy. 183 and then Hwy. 9 West to Downtown Hobart -- only 90 miles South West of Oklahoma City and in the center of nature's beauty.

Historic Downtown Hobart complements the area's natural beauty with award winning revitalization and restoration, offering restaurants, specialty shops, gifts, local art, apparel, antiques, museums and historic homes.


While many factors combine to make Hobart a truly special place in America, it is the people in Hobart who bring these vibrant qualities to life. That community spirit is embodied in a friendly, safe and inviting city that holds strong ties to its roots and history while enjoying economic development and continually adding new amenities that compliment and expand our unique quality of life.



Hobart Main Street
106 W. 4th St.
Hobart, OK 73651
(580) 515-6594





Sept. 30 - Pumpkin Palooza/Pumpkin Chunkin

Sept. 12 - Hobart Main Street Board Meeting - 7:30am