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Certified Industrial Incubator

Hobart has an Oklahoma State Certified Business Incubator which allows tenants to secure ten years of Oklahoma State Income Tax Exemption. The Facility currently consists of seven available buildings that can be leased with (low cost – no cost) available for the first year and a graduated lease rate for every year after:

Business Incubation is an essential economic development tool for Hobart which is trying to improve its economy and keep it healthy over the long run. This incubator houses early stage companies and provides them with a full array of business planning, management and financial services which yields excellent returns. According to research, a high percentage (84%) of the companies that “graduate” from incubation programs remain in their communities and an average of 87 percent of incubator graduates are still in business.

Incubator companies experience very healthy growth. The average firm’s sales increased by more than 400 percent from the time it entered until the time it left the incubator. In addition, the average annual growth in sales per firm in all types of incubators was $239,535.

To learn more about the Hobart Business Incubator contact Jeff Casida at 726-4203 or Stephen Boyd at 580-726-4206.